You DON’T need to write post cards and lick stamps
Written by Chad Lower on July 5th 2019
“Okay,” you think. “So no signs and no social media. The answer must be post cards or “yellow letters” as the industry calls them.” Yes and no. 

Yes, in the sense that physical mailers are the best way to attract clients and yellow letters are an effective form of mailers for your market. No, in the sense that you NEVER need to sit there and hand write and hand stamp postcards. Never. 

Gurus will tell you that, like with the signs, you want to be creating marketing materials that feel “authentic,” that feel “down to earth,” that feel a little “hokey.” That you should get your kids, friends, and family to all pitch in to handwrite the letters, fold them, stuff envelopes, lick stamps, etc. Using this method, each letter can takes 5-10 minutes to complete! 

I can still remember my first mailing. I spent days, literally days, sitting in my living room surrounded by supplies. My hand was cramping up from writing, I got two papercuts (and man do those things hurt more than they should), and my mouth had the most disgusting taste from all the envelop and stamp licking. I watched the clock tick by dreading each minute and thinking about that episode of Seinfeld where George’s fiancé dies from licking wedding envelopes. I wondered, “Will I die from licking all this glue?” I was pretty sure it was a possibility. I felt sick to my stomach. 

But, yellow letters/postcards work. They are personalized and feel personal. They attract attention because unlike other mail that comes they don’t look so polished and professional. Plus, their color (yellow paper with red and blue marker writing) literally make them stand out from all those white envelopes.  

And in a modern age when many companies send email and advertise online, people still look at their mail. There is no automated spam filter for your mail. You have to physically sort it by hand. You have to at least glance at every single piece of mail that comes in and decide to either keep it or toss it. So, you know with a mailing the person is going to see it. They may not respond, but they will see it, scan it, and understand what it is you are offering in broad strokes before the decide to keep it or recycle it. 

So, it is no surprise that yellow letters are so effective. They are so effective in fact, that one of my students recently made $110,000 off of a single mailing. That’s PROFIT. One mailing turned into two sales within a month. 

So, yellow letters and postcards clearly work. I’m not saying they don’t. What I am saying is that the way many people teach you how to do them is ALL WRONG. 

Because there is still this very old-fashioned idea that to make something look authentic and personal you have to physically write it by hand. And I made this mistake before 
I learned that is totally not true. I licked all that glue FOR NOTHING!!! Hundreds of postcards and letters a month. Hours and hours a week. And yeah – I got a few sales – but the amount of return on that time investment was low. 

Then, I saw an advertisement for an automated yellow letter system. A place where you can just upload information and they make and mail everything for you – for much less than you could do it yourself. And I tried it and guess what, it TOTALLY WORKED. 

That was the beginning of the real take off for me. When my business went from slow growth to fast growth. Soon, I developed my own yellow letter templates to test and refine the process. And now I know what really sells! I share these templates with all my students so they can use them too. 
I also teach them how to find the right people to mail the cards to. That is essential. For the system to work, you have to have good leads. And a lot of data companies will offer to sell lead lists, and they are full of bad or old leads. You can waste a lot of time and money mailing cards to bad lead lists. So I never use these services. 

I generate my own lists using current data. I show my students how to do it too, or do it for them if they want me to. Because once you have a good lead list and an automated mailing system, it’s all turnkey. 

No more wasted time and money! You can scale quickly by just adding in more addresses and names. It’s so fast you can’t believe it, and the best part is that it is effective. 

So, put down that pen! The experts are dead wrong. You do not need to hand write another letter for your business to grow as much as you want it to. I can show you how to get the phones ringing off the hook with the push of a button. 

Chad Lower

Chad Lower helps people start and grow successful real estate investing businesses. He is an expert at helping people get motivated sellers using online and offline methods and making things super simple to understand.
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